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10% Daily Reload Bonus, Up To RM300

  • Promotions & Bonuses: Welcome Bonus, Daily Reload Bonus, Unlimited Daily Cash Rebate
  • Popular Games: Baccarat, Live Roulette, Live Tiger Tiger, Live Sic Bo and Live Fight Bull
  • Customer Support: WeChat, Phone Call, WhatsApp, Telegram
  • Deposit Options: EeziePay, Help2Pay, PayTrust88, ATM, Online Banking, or Cash Deposit Machine
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Dream Gaming Online Casino Review

Dream Gaming review, you’ll flick through an in-depth description of what to expect once you sign with this online casino Malaysia. This review looks into the splendid assortment of casino games offered from table games to slot machines and live dealer games, just to name a few. By the same token, the review explores the various payment options you can use to deposit or withdraw cash into your account.

Dream gaming online casino review

96Slots live casino review which also knows as (Maxim88) delves into the customer service as well as the safety and security features of the operator. Without more ado, let’s dive in and get to know more concerning this amazing online casino Malaysia gaming platform.


Dream Gaming Explained

Dream Gaming is a recreation platform having numerous across-the-board proficient dealers. The platform offers the real casino atmosphere, proficient technical support, coupled with a stable top of the line equipment. All of these will provide you with real live casino experience. The atmosphere would resemble that of a real brick and mortar casino. What is more, Dream Gaming is a multi-platform. This implies you can enjoy playing your favorite casino game from wherever you want, whenever you like.

Dream Gaming provides punters with high-quality as well as out-of-the-box thinking items. Through this, you get the most select online casino Malaysia betting experience. To ensure it’s on the right track Dream Gaming goes on moving forward, creating numerous varying games to rival the predictable casino online gaming. This has pushed the gaming industry forward.


Why You Should Join Dream Gaming

Having been in the business since 2017, the platform already has an away from how casino online is progressing. Taking that into consideration, Dream Gaming provides a moment to play, instant play, as well as downloadable versions of its casino platform. Both instant-play and downloadable versions are playable on both mobile and desktop devices. Besides, it offers the whole of this to gamers from all over the globe. You can play Dream Gaming at 96Slots together with other top Asian online betting brands such as 96slots. The casino site is remarkably strong and colorful which appeals to all players. Being easy-to-use and navigate the website, you’ll swiftly find your way around.

Here is a key breakdown of the key highlights of the Dream Gaming casino site:


Assortments of Games in Dream Gaming

Dream Gaming Live casino epitomizes a substantial influence in offering live dealer games online. With live baccarat being the forerunner, the developer has taken the standard of online casino gaming to another level. Currently, the website has multi-player items that stick out with HTML5. This ensures all things reach international clients. Furthermore, no download or software is necessary to play any of the Dream Gaming games, and there’s no shortage of alternatives. The casino site authorizes customizable resolutions for every game as specified by the appeals from a casino.

Dream Gaming provides a one-off collection of live dealer casino games. To provide gamers with the most improved thrill, the casino has the special red grab package function. You could get hold of the red envelopes at any given time. The actual vendor is carefully selected. Find below details on some of the unique items Dream Gaming offers its players.



dream gaming dashboard

Dream Gaming provides its customers with an easy to use dashboard. With the dashboard, you’ll be able to choose the kind of casino game you would like to wager on. Online casino Malaysia offers 6 varieties of games. This comprises roulette, baccarat, three cards, fight bull, Sic Bo, and dragon tiger.

Using the dashboard, you get to track your game, wager record, as well as head to the game mall. On the right-hand side of the casino website, you’ll find a panel where you can check who’s online plus and what their gaming earnings are. From the top right corner, users can access various buttons like the edit profile and the webcam button. By clicking on the ‘edit profile’ button you’ll be able to edit Dream Gaming profile information. There are also the settings and help icons through which you can change the settings and get help respectively. By tapping on the power button you’ll exit the Dream Gaming dashboard.



dream gaming baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most popular Malaysia online casino games at the betting halls, especially with casino enthusiasts, besides these lines, it’s not an overstated surprise that Dream Gaming offers quite a lot of baccarat games. You can browse the various baccarat tables from the casino lobby. For baccarat, the wager range starts at $20 and goes as high as $1000.


Dragon Tiger

dream gaming dragon tiger

Played in many casinos in Malaysia, Dragon Tiger ranks among the popular casino poker games. Some players refer to the game as a 2-card baccarat edition. As you play Dragon Tiger, 2 2 cards are drawn. And just as the name suggests, one card is the Dragon while the other a Tiger. When playing the game, you’re supposed to make a bet on the card you feel will be the highest. Despite being one amongst the straightforward online casino Malaysia games, the game is still popular amongst gamers.



dream gaming roulette

Without a doubt, live online roulette is one of the most well-known gaming options. With Dream Gaming, you’re sure to be immersed in an unforgettable roulette gaming involvement. The online casino Malaysia provides for every kind of player. What is more, you’re provided with several roulette variants to choose from. All of these guarantee you a fantastic roulette playing experience.


Sic Bo

dream gaming sicbo

Sic Bo is known as a shakers game. The casino game offers you a sincere historic playing experience. Sic Bo is amazingly well-liked by players in Asia. This is because it offers a wide wagering range as well as better odds of landing a win. It’s played with only 3 bones. The moment players place their wagers on clear parts of the table, the dealer will receive a small container carrying the bones. The dealer will then shake the container. After that, the seller gets to open the container revealing the combination. The combination will display the winner.


Three Card Poker

dream gaming three cards

Just in case you are unaware, today Three Cards is one of the most mentioned online casino Malaysia games. The stud poker game employs a deck of 52 cards. The table is big enough for up to 7 players. Each and every position has three spaces counting Ante, Play, and Pair Plus. The idea here is very simple. All the players and the dealer get 3 cards each; the high-ranking hand emerges the winner. When playing the game, make sure you go for a raise or fold pick before the dealer plays.


Fight Bull

dream gaming fight bull

Quite a simple game to play, Fight Bull is a card game normally portrayed as a Chinese edition of poker. It’s played on live seller tables in various online casinos in Asia. Fight Bull is playable using 6 standard card deck of cards. While playing you’ll be challenging the casino rather than against one another as some of the games described above. All players will be aiming to win the pot. The pot has all the wagers placed by the players in any one layout. You’ll make a bet hoping to acquire the best hand. Most variants of poker offer the best hand as a top combination of 5 cards.


System Incorporation- 4/5

If you’re a true casino gambler then the Dream Gaming live casino interface is no bolt from the blue. Even if you’re a newbie, however, expect no major surprise. Even though the casino site has a simple interface, it’s offer-studded and could appeal to both newbies and veteran players with a classy touch and amiable gaming encounter.


Linguistic Support- 4.5/5

When playing at Dream Gaming you’ll be able to select various languages according to your convenience. Given that the operator’s focus is majorly in Malaysia and the larger parts of Asia, only three vernaculars, particularly Malay, Chinese, and English, of course, are available. You can access all three languages on the Dream Gaming website homepage.


Build Site- 4.5/5

To provide its new users with an out-and-out package of websites, the operator will come up with a way to unravel and get better. No need to lose sleep over where to begin inventing your visualization as well as edition. This is until the casino site comes up with proficient technical support.


Mobile Application- 4.5/5

mobile casino games

Live mobile video game applications having a smart control card technique, take you to a new domain of baccarat. Inclusive High Definition (HD) video quality, which is a shrewd sensation of a real land-based casino


Services- 4.5/5

Specially made for the prerequisites of the game, customized to create a clique of the casino game lobby, for players to create an enthusiastic ambiance of the game. This highlights the operator’s brand type.


Bonuses and Promotions- 4.5/5

The multiple bonuses and promotions on offer at Dream Gaming are nothing but thirst-quenching. Dream Gaming ranks amongst the top casino gaming sites with the most substantial offers in the market. The online casino offers a wide array of free cash promotions making it preferred by most Asian punters. With free cash promotions offered regularly, you always have the chance to make some profit even after losing a wager. Some of the many bonuses you can cash in on at 96Slots online casino include:


 Weekly Live Casino Turnover Bonus

weekly live casino turnover bonus

To Qualify

All registered members are entitled as long as they achieve the required bet counts.

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Valid Bet Amount Bonus Turnover
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming, eBET > 50,000 MYR 88 1x
> 100,000 MYR188
> 200,000 MYR 288
> 500,000 MYR 388
>800,000 MYR 588
>1,200,000 MYR 1088


  1. This promotion is available every week. The cut-off time is every Sunday 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  2. Bonus will be credited to the Asia Gaming wallet on Monday 20:00 (GMT+8).
  3. Participating members are required to fulfil a 1x Turnover of the [Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.



Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

  1. Your Personal Referral URL Link & Code – Member must log in to 96Slots account and look for [Refferal] under your Profile.
  2. Invite Your Friends – to register through your Referral link or Code.
  3. Both Enjoy Reward! – The person who get invited by you must create an account and a requirement to complete an MYR 300 deposit within 60 days. Automatically, you and your friend each will receive MYR20 Cash Reward.



96 Perfect Attendance

96 Perfect Attendance.

To Qualify

All registered members are entitled as long as they achieve the required bet amount and have perfect attendance.

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Daily Bet Amount Attendance Bonus Turnover
All providers MYR 960 7 consecutive days a week MYR 96 1x


  1. Members are required to achieve a daily bet amount of MYR 960 for seven (7) consecutive days.
  2. This promotion runs from Monday 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to Sunday 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  3. Bonus will be credited to the Spadegaming wallet on Tuesday 20:00 (GMT+8).
  4. Participating members are required to fulfill a 1x Turnover of the [Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.



Deposit & Guarantee Get Apple Goodies

Deposit & Guarantee Get Apple Goodies

To Qualify

All registered members are entitled to participate.

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Valid Deposit (MYR) Reward
800,000 iPhone 11 Pro
500,000 iPhone 11
200,000 Apple Watch Series 5


  1. The member who makes a total valid deposit within a month
  2. The cut off time for this promotion falls on last day of the calendar month at 23:59:59 (GMT+8)



Birthdays at 96Slots

Birthdays at 96Slots

To Apply

  1. Contact Customer Service and provide details as requested for verification.
  2. Bonus will be credited to your preferred wallet after verification.


Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Annual Deposit Count Max Bonus Turnover Winover


All providers 15 MYR 48 1x 2x
25 MYR 78
35 MYR 158


  1. Members are only allowed to apply for this promotion once a year. Promotion is applicable at any time during the birthday month.
  2. Participating members are required to fulfill a 1x Turnover of the [Bonus] amount for specified providers and a 2x Winover of the [Bonus] amount for 918KISS / MEGA888 products in order to transfer or withdraw.



Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus

Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:       

Provider Max Bonus Turnover
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming MYR 300 20x


  1. First time depositing members are only allowed to claim bonuses for one (1) product among specified providers.
  2. Participating members are required to fulfill a 20x Turnover of the [Deposit + Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.


For example:

Deposit Bonus Bonus Turnover/ Winover requirement
50 100% x MYR 50 = MYR 50 (MYR 50 + MYR 50) x 20 = MYR 2,000



Live Casino 10% daily reload bonus

Live Casino 10% daily reload bonus

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:       

Provider Bonus Max Bonus Turnover
Allbet, Gold Deluxe, Game Play, Dream Gaming, Asia Gaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming 10% MYR 300 15x


  1. For example:Participating members are required to fulfill a 15x Turnover of the [Deposit + Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.


For example:

Deposit Bonus Bonus Turnover/ Winover requirement
50 10% x MYR 50 = MYR 5 (MYR 50 + MYR 5) x 15 = MYR 825



0.5% Unlimited Daily Cash Rebate in Live Casino

0.5% Unlimited Daily Cash Rebate in Live Casino

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Min Pay-out
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming ≥ MYR 1


    1. The cut-off time for this promotion is at 23:59:59 (GMT+8) daily.
    2. This daily cash rebate is based on the total amount wagered during the promotion period.
    3. The minimum payout is MYR 1. There is no turnover requirement and no maximum limit.
    4. The cash rebate amount will be automatically credited to the main wallet daily at 20:00 (GMT+8).


For more details on all bonuses and promotions at Dream Gaming, you can hit the promotions button available on the website to learn more. Always make sure you go through all the promotional terms and conditions before claiming a given offer. By fulfilling all the conditions you won’t have any issues when requesting a withdrawal.


Click call to action button to claim all the bonuses above!


Safety and Security- 5/5

Needless to say, safety and security remain a very important focus for every top online casino and Dream Gaming is no exception. The most important aspect any casino punter takes into consideration before signing at an online casino is security. With Dream Gaming there is no need to worry. The security systems at the casino site fulfill international standards.

Also, Dream Gaming is a licensed site, it features 128-bit encryption of player banking as well as personal info. Besides its numerous secure payment gateways, the online casino has a solid firewall which is virtually unhackable even by the top-rated hackers.


Banking Options- 4.5/5

Dream Gaming offers numerous various payment options that you can use to deposit or withdraw money from your online account. You can pay using methods like mobile payments, credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets, EeziePay, Help2Pay, Bank Wire Transfer, plus numerous other reliable means. Luckily with Dream Gaming, you can also put your cash in safekeeping for future use.


Customer Support Service

Proper customer care is the mainstay of any reputable online casino, and this is evident with Dream Gaming and 96Slots too. This online casino Malaysia has done its best to ensure you have the best customer service anytime you have a problem while using the site.

Their support agents work around-the-clock to receive complaints and respond to them without delay. Players can reach the customer service agents via the contact channels listed below:




As you can see from the review, Dream Gaming is working hard to establish itself as a top online casino not only in Asia but also worldwide. The operator is repacking a reliable platform of casino games and making them playable via several devices.

Dream Gaming boasts of some of the best games, plus each game comes with its variants. The casino site has great deposit and withdrawal options, not to forget their responsive customer support service.

Dream Gaming and 96Slots casino online possess a fantastic prospect if they fire acquiring further pace then create more games in the future.


dream gaming

10% Daily Reload Bonus, Up To RM300