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Sexy Baccarat: Online Casino Review

Do you love playing online casino games in general and baccarat in particular? If the answer is yes, then it is quite obvious that you will find this article interesting and informative. Though there are thousands of online gaming and gambling sites choosing the best one is not easy because of a number of obvious reasons. To start off, the biggest challenge is a lack of knowledge.

While there could be some experienced punters and gamers who know what to look for when choosing an online gaming outlet, there are many others who are newcomers. They have simply no idea of knowledge about the subject matter. Hence, it is quite obvious that they end up making the wrong choice and they lose money quite heavily. This puts them off quite a bit and they perhaps never ever get into gambling of gaming mode.

Hence, to begin with we will always suggest our readers and prospective gamers and punters gather as much information about websites that offer gambling and gaming avenues.


Choosing The Right Game Is Important

The next important task is to ensure that you choose the right game that is close to your heart. Today’s online gaming and gambling sites offer scores of games and within games, they have many different variants to offer. This makes matters even more confusing for players. Hence, to begin with, we have always recommended our customers to play a few games, to begin with, and then choose the right game that is close to their hearts and where they believe that they have the right skill sets. This may not happen overnight and it takes a bit of time and there could be some trial and error involved.

In this 96Slots live casino review, we will be having a close look at a site that is famous for offering some of the best when it comes to baccarat. Baccarat is a very interesting and fascinating card game. It also is referred to as a comparing game. It is played almost in each and every brick and mortar casino. Almost all major online casinos in Malaysia and neighboring countries also have various versions of the baccarat casino game.


sexy baccarat - baccarat

Sexy Baccarat – Baccarat


The main stakeholders in a baccarat game are the players and bankers. In this article, we will be talking about Sexy Baccarat. This is another popular version of this card game and it is quite popular amongst thousands of players in Malaysia and also many other neighboring countries. We will find out what is so special about the Sexy Baccarat site and how it is different from others.

We also will look at other features like signup bonuses, promotional offers, security and safety standards, payments, progressive jackpots and last but not the least customer services. We also will have a look at other interesting aspects that go in making this form of baccarat games so very popular


What is Sexy Baccarat?

sexy baccarat online casino review

This basically is a simple card game. As mentioned above, it has two main entities and they are bankers and players. Both are dealt with cards. The aim of this game is to wager and gamble and try to find out as to which hand will be able to score closest to 9. The main objective and aim of baccarat are to try and anticipate as to which hand will win. It has to be either the player hand or the banker’s hand. The scoring rule is quite simple and it is the sum of all cards and is 10 in most cases. To put things in perspective, if there is any player or hand that scores more than 10, only the rightmost number will be taken into account. To explain it even better if a hand has a score of 15 then it is actually worth 5 and if a hand scores 10 then the actual worth of that hand is zero. Hence the best possible score is 9 in which case the score of that particular hand would be 19.

There are also a few variants of Sexy Baccarat and these also form very much a part of online baccarat. These are a bit more complicated and it allows the punters and wagers to go in for tie and pair results. In the event of a tie, all the money that has been wagered on the banker or the player will have to be returned to the player. However, players are allowed to place a bet only during the betting period.

The good thing about Sexy Baccarat is the way in which dealers present themselves. Most of them are in skimpy bikinis and if you are able to choose the right outlet that offers the best Sexy Baccarat, it is possible for you to easily kill time and there are many players who spend hours at length playing this fascinating games.

However, apart from the fascinating interest that this form of baccarat can generate, as wagers and punters, you also must have a look at various other things that make up good baccarat gaming sites. This article is to have a look at the main features that make Sexy Baccarat sites so very popular across this country and also other neighboring parts of Asia and also across the world.


The Facilities Available At Sexy Baccarat

If you decide to choose Sexy Baccarat as your gaming destination, it is quite likely that you have taken the right decision. Many experienced players consider this as an all-in-one gambling destination. This is because it has amongst other things, sportsbooks, live casinos, casinos and much more. It has the finest variants and baccarat games and of course for many local populations and also from other neighboring countries, the Sexy Baccarat version is the reason why it is so popular.

One more impressive feature of this website is that it has the finest collections of games from the top developers of the industry. There are more than twenty regular baccarat titles to enjoy and new ones are being added to the list regularly. Hence, for many baccarat lovers, it could be considered a single stop solution. As mentioned earlier in this article, there are many wagers and punters who spend hours’ at length playing a different variant of baccarat and this includes the famous Sexy Baccarat version.

They also have earned the distinction of offering some of the most fascinating and generous bonuses. We will be talking about it over the next few lines.


Top Developers

Any good online casino site is known by the type and kind of games that offer to its players and customers. There are enough reasons to believe that this site has some of the best developers. These include big names like Betsoft, Microgaming, NetEnt and a host of others. What does this actually mean for the players? It means that they can at any given point in time enjoy a collection of hundreds of games and they are of varied style, content, and class. Hence, it will be able to cater to specific tastes at any given point in time.

Further, those who love slots will also have many reasons to cheer. They will be able to come across many dozens of titles, video slots, classic slots and many other slots that are linked directly to progressive jackpots. There are a number of impressive themes available and it gives us reasons to believe that they will certainly be able to offer something that appeals to each and every one.

Yes, when it comes to card games including baccarat, they will have quite a few things to keep them happy. These include various types of poker, blackjack, and also some famous wheel games and this, of course, will include a few exciting variants of roulette. All these go a long way in making it one of the best online casino Malaysia gaming sites and they are slowly becoming well known in the world-wide stage also.


Extensive List Of Baccarat Games Online

sexy baccarat games

If you love baccarat, it is quite obvious that you will have many chances of being spoilt for choice. You have dozens of variants of baccarat available and as we have mentioned a few times above, it also has the fascinating, highly popular and much talked about Sexy Baccarat online.

Since you have choices unlimited, you can choose from the many no-frills baccarat games. These come with straightforward gameplay. On the other end of the spectrum, you can also choose added functionalities like roadmaps, live chat, side bets and also go in for the squeeze option. The bet limits are also very small and there are many options of baccarat where you can bet for as little of $0.10. This certainly will be very good news for those who are trying their hand at baccarat for the first time. It will be a good learning experience and with the attractive signup bonuses, many first-timers also come back home with something positive in their bank accounts.


Live Roulette

sexy baccarat roulette


Live Dragon Tiger Baccarat

sexy baccarat dragon tiger


Live Sic Bo

sexy baccarat sic bo


Many Choices Functionality Wise Too

While the above would have given some idea about the betting limits, when you choose Sexy Baccarat you also have the best of functionalities available with you. You have big names like Microgaming and NetEnt to offer you some of the best features. Hence you can witness some of the best games including many variants of baccarat. You will have the best of multiple roadmaps, 3D graphics and also many side bets like perfect pairs, Super 6, Lucky 7 and a few more. Hence you can be sure that you will be able to enjoy almost everything that any world-class online baccarat casino site should offer you.

Exciting Bonuses And Competitions

This is one more reason for the growing popularity of Sexy Baccarat. They welcome each and every new player with some of the most exciting and generous welcome bonuses. The entire sign up process for new entrants is quite simple and it could be completed within a few minutes. Though not many bonuses and offers are visible online, they keep in touch with members on a regular basis and they are mailed and informed about various special offers. Most of the offers are quite interesting and exciting and not many players and punters would be ready to miss out on the same.

The welcome bonus is quite impressive and some would even not mind calling it huge. The account of the member gets credited with the bonus amount, the moment the signup is successfully completed. The bonus levels and the amounts are different and this would depend on the amount you are wagering and the country you are in. Of course, if you are from Malaysia, it is quite obvious that you will be able to get much better welcome bonuses when compared to customers who are from other parts of the world. Even some neighboring countries would be in a position to perhaps make use of the generous welcome bonuses because of language and other affinities.


 Weekly Live Casino Turnover Bonus

weekly live casino turnover bonus

To Qualify

All registered members are entitled as long as they achieve the required bet counts.

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Valid Bet Amount Bonus Turnover
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming, eBET > 50,000 MYR 88 1x
> 100,000 MYR188
> 200,000 MYR 288
> 500,000 MYR 388
>800,000 MYR 588
>1,200,000 MYR 1088


  1. This promotion is available every week. The cut-off time is every Sunday 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  2. Bonus will be credited to the Asia Gaming wallet on Monday 20:00 (GMT+8).
  3. Participating members are required to fulfil a 1x Turnover of the [Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.


Referral Bonus

Referral Bonus

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

  1. Your Personal Referral URL Link & Code – Member must log in to 96Slots account and look for [Refferal] under your Profile.
  2. Invite Your Friends – to register through your Referral link or Code.
  3. Both Enjoy Reward! – The person who get invited by you must create an account and a requirement to complete an MYR 300 deposit within 60 days. Automatically, you and your friend each will receive MYR20 Cash Reward.


96 Perfect Attendance

96 Perfect Attendance.

To Qualify

All registered members are entitled as long as they achieve the required bet amount and have perfect attendance.

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Daily Bet Amount Attendance Bonus Turnover
All providers MYR 960 7 consecutive days a week MYR 96 1x


  1. Members are required to achieve a daily bet amount of MYR 960 for seven (7) consecutive days.
  2. This promotion runs from Monday 00:00:00 (GMT+8) to Sunday 23:59:59 (GMT+8).
  3. Bonus will be credited to the Spadegaming wallet on Tuesday 20:00 (GMT+8).
  4. Participating members are required to fulfill a 1x Turnover of the [Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.


Deposit & Guarantee Get Apple Goodies

Deposit & Guarantee Get Apple Goodies

To Qualify

All registered members are entitled to participate.

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Valid Deposit (MYR) Reward
800,000 iPhone 11 Pro
500,000 iPhone 11
200,000 Apple Watch Series 5


  1. The member who makes a total valid deposit within a month
  2. The cut off time for this promotion falls on last day of the calendar month at 23:59:59 (GMT+8)


Birthdays at 96Slots

Birthdays at 96Slots

To Apply

  1. Contact Customer Service and provide details as requested for verification.
  2. Bonus will be credited to your preferred wallet after verification.


Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Annual Deposit Count Max Bonus Turnover Winover


All providers 15 MYR 48 1x 2x
25 MYR 78
35 MYR 158


  1. Members are only allowed to apply for this promotion once a year. Promotion is applicable at any time during the birthday month.
  2. Participating members are required to fulfill a 1x Turnover of the [Bonus] amount for specified providers and a 2x Winover of the [Bonus] amount for 918KISS / MEGA888 products in order to transfer or withdraw.


Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus

Live Casino 100% Welcome Bonus

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:       

Provider Max Bonus Turnover
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming MYR 300 20x


  1. First time depositing members are only allowed to claim bonuses for one (1) product among specified providers.
  2. Participating members are required to fulfill a 20x Turnover of the [Deposit + Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.


For example:

Deposit Bonus Bonus Turnover/ Winover requirement
50 100% x MYR 50 = MYR 50 (MYR 50 + MYR 50) x 20 = MYR 2,000



Live Casino 10% daily reload bonus

Live Casino 10% daily reload bonus

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:       

Provider Bonus Max Bonus Turnover
Allbet, Gold Deluxe, Game Play, Dream Gaming, Asia Gaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming 10% MYR 300 15x


  1. For example:Participating members are required to fulfill a 15x Turnover of the [Deposit + Bonus] amount in order to transfer or withdraw.


For example:

Deposit Bonus Bonus Turnover/ Winover requirement
50 10% x MYR 50 = MYR 5 (MYR 50 + MYR 5) x 15 = MYR 825



0.5% Unlimited Daily Cash Rebate in Live Casino

0.5% Unlimited Daily Cash Rebate in Live Casino

Bonus Play Details & Requirement:

Provider Min Pay-out
Allbet, GamePlay, DreamGaming, GoldDeluxe, AsiaGaming, Playtech, Sexy Baccarat, Evolution Gaming ≥ MYR 1


  1. The cut-off time for this promotion is at 23:59:59 (GMT+8) daily.
  2. This daily cash rebate is based on the total amount wagered during the promotion period.
  3. The minimum payout is MYR 1. There is no turnover requirement and no maximum limit.
  4. The cash rebate amount will be automatically credited to the main wallet daily at 20:00 (GMT+8).


Click call to action button to claim all the bonuses above!


Pros and Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Live games from some of the best developers
  • Many games are mobile compatible
  • Fantastic payment systems making it easy for customers
  • Many table games that contribute to bonus wagering
  • Loyalty schemes are there but they should be improved
  • Not many regular bonuses


Mobile-Friendly Website

Today almost everybody has a smartphone and therefore if any online casino has to survive and grow it also needs to be actively present on the mobile telephony network. Sexy Baccarat is very much aware of this and they have some of the best to offer for those who would like to play the games on the website. The website has been so designed that it is fully compatible with mobile phone customers. This means that you can start wagering by logging in and this can be done in a few seconds. Many dozens of games have been optimized for mobile screens and they include a wide variety of baccarat games.

Additionally, you also can enjoy some of the best mobile phone-based slot games, table and card games, wheel games, video poker, and many other such games. When it comes to baccarat, many reviews suggest that they could have around multiplayer baccarat, 3D baccarat and many other variants including the much talked about and popular Sexy Baccarat.

Apart from the above, there are many live dealer baccarat games that are also made available on the mobile phones of scores of players. Hence, the players will never be disappointed whenever there is a need to come out with a mobile version that is perfectly suited to their needs and requirements. Further, the technical aspects of the mobile-based platforms have been perfectly understood and taken care of.

The games can load extremely fast and the controls have also been adapted brilliantly. They have been done with the small screens in mind and this ensures an enjoyable and smooth playing experience. Players also will be in a position to carry out many tasks such as depositing funds into their casino account using various mobile-friendly payment devices.


Payment Methods

There are many attractive payment methods when you decide to choose Sexy baccarat. You could be located in any part of the world but that will not stop you from being able to withdraw or deposit funds without any difficulty. It can be done very swiftly, efficiently and speedily. The site accepts debit and credit cards, and there are many types of e-wallets that are also accepted. You also have pre-paid cards and many internet banking options.


Safety And Security

There is no doubt that over the years Sexy Baccarat has been able to set some of the best security standards. They have put in place some of the best firewalls and they go a long way in helping players to rest assured as far as the safety and confidentiality of sensitive information is concerned. Further, each and every payment is fully encrypted with 128-bit encryption and there is no way it can be hacked or pilfered when the payment originates from the source to the website of Sexy Baccarat.

They also conduct regular audits about the efficiency and reliability of their safety and security systems and nothing is left to chance and even the smallest of doubts are addressed almost immediately.


Customer Services

Customer services are also quite good and satisfactory and could be compared with the rest of the world. They have online complaint registration systems, apart from telephone facilities for local players from Malaysia and also some other neighboring countries. Further, they also offer chat facilities and also complaints can be sent by cable and even by the mail post system. They endeavor to reply to the complaints within the turnaround times and have always succeeded in doing so.



To sum up, there is no doubt that Sexy Baccarat could be counted as being one of the best online baccarat gaming outlets in Malaysia. It has the finest collection of baccarat games and also a lot of other games too. They have excellent sign in and other bonuses for newcomers. Further, they also have progressive bonuses that are attractive. Their payment systems and customer services are also of the highest standards.

10% Daily Reload Bonus, Up To RM300